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Isolfin, a reference point in the petrochemical, energy and shipbuilding sector since 1961

Isolfin has specialised in the thermal-acoustic and fire barrier insulation sector since it was set up in 1961 by founder Sergio Galli.

Galli, a skilled and farsighted entrepreneur, made the Company a reliable and secure point of reference for major groups operating in the petrochemical, energy and shipbuilding sectors. A reputation that is still lasting after more than 50 years.

Since then Isolfin has broadened its fields of action and become a leader in the following sectors:

  • abatement and removal of asbestos containing materials
  • erection of metal industrial scaffolding
  • thermal and acoustic insulation
  • sandblasting, painting & fireproofing

Today, for the management and execution of works, the Company can count on more than 150 highly qualified employees who, in line with company philosophy, consider safety and quality management as integral parts of the operational process.

View of Ravenna Headquarters