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Thermal-acoustic insulation in the industrial and shipbuilding sectors

Coibentazione termica e acustica industriale

Design and implementation of thermal-acoustic and fire barrier insulation systems

For more than 50 years our company has been guaranteeing its customers efficacious and efficient designs and state of the art technical solutions in the installation of insulation systems

  • thermal
  • acoustic
  • fire barrier

in the industrial, petrochemical and shipbuilding fields.

With highly qualified, specialised personnel who attend cycles of ongoing technical training, our company can offer high performance solutions for all requirements.

We have developed innumerable systems for maintaining and eliminating heat.

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Soundproofing systems for industrial and civil plant and for large cruise ships.

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Thermal, acoustic and fire barrier insulation for merchant vessels and cruise ships.

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Cold insulation projects for plant, at national, international and offshore level.

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Heat and cold thermal insulation and acoustic insulation for the industrial sector.

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Insulation designed to prevent fire spreading aboard cruise ships and merchant vessels.

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