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Safety: a company mission

Safety is an integral part of Isolfin’s activities, an actual company mission. The company in fact works in environments with a very high fire and chemical risk: carrying out operations – erection of scaffolding, asbestos abatement, insulation – where safety is fundamental. Attention to safety has two precise objectives: to safeguard personnel and customers.

Activities are carried out by highly qualified staff. All works are planned following the best methods so that execution takes place in absolute safety. Staff in charge – operative or supervisory, foremen and site supervisors – undergo ongoing training to acquire and transmit daily an ever increasing awareness of matters connected with safety. This also allows technicians to work at their best. For example in the field of scaffolding, we erect plant in a rigorous manner, perfectly in line with the most effective and modern systems of accident prevention. A further guarantee to Isolfin customers and their operators.

Isolfin reinvests 3% of its turnover in safety (training, personal protection equipment, research and supervision). It was certified OHSAS 18000 in 2012. There are in-house programmes and agreements whose objective is to achieve an accident figure of zero.