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Scaffolding for the construction industry, shipyards, industrial sites and events

Ponteggi edilizia palchi

Design and erection of scaffolding for shipyards, events, shows and the construction industry

At petrochemical production premises, power stations, shipyards and building sites, access to plant and workplaces is an everyday necessity. All companies need to be able to access all the areas where they are required to operate.

To ensure that everyone gains safe access to their work area Isolfin guarantees innovative and efficient solutions in creating fixed metal scaffolding and provisional works, elevators and highly qualified personnel. This means that the areas most difficult to reach can be built, maintained, repaired and checked in total safety, rapidly, and throughout the national territory (as well as at sea).

For more than 40 years our company has gained experience in erecting scaffolding in connection with works of insulation and works of maintenance and construction of industrial plant. For about 20 years we have extended this to include work on behalf of third parties, in any field of activity.

Isolfin today can count on the experience and skills of more than 100 specialised scaffolders and the skills of its highly qualified engineers and technical designers.

Erection of metal scaffolding, lifts and hoists, safety parapets for the building sector.

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Creation of complex structures, stages, grandstands, ramps, for shows and events.

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Hire of materials and equipment for erecting metal scaffolding.

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Scaffolding in Italian and foreign shipyards for the construction and maintenance of vessels.

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Metal scaffolding for maintenance and construction activities within industrial premises.

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Insulation carried out with view to preventing the spread of fire aboard cruise ships and merchant vessels.

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