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SaniBox, workplace entryway sanitation

How do you return to being productive without putting workers at risk? These days, this is the number one concern for employers and employees alike. For this very reason, we patented SaniBox: a mobile and modular station that sanitizes workplace entryways in a fully automated process.

To respond to the difficulties of the Covid-19 pandemic, SaniBox is designed to monitor entryways according to body temperature and provide automatic disinfection of people and/or things without the need for constant control by a dedicated operator.

The procedure initially uses a thermal imaging camera to detect a person’s body temperature, after which a nebulization of sanitizing substances reduces any residual presence of the virus in the person’s clothes and/or accessories. This process makes it possible to secure the movement of people in close-quarter environments and in aggregation centres.

SaniBox is customizable, versatile, transportable, and easily installed in any entryway. It is designed to decontaminate and monitor the greatest number of entrances in the shortest possible time, in a completely automatic way, thus avoiding lines and without the constant monitoring of an operator.


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