ISOLFIN hosts the delegation of the Indonesian embassy in Switzerland

Last Saturday 4 September 2021, the delegation of the Indonesian Embassy in Bern, represented by Ambassador Muliaman Hadad and his wife, Mrs. Mia Rachel, Mr. Desrial Anwar from the Department of Economics and Mr. Francis Wanandi, Director of the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce for Switzerland, visited the headquarters of Isolfin Holding SA, in Via Curti 19 in Lugano, and Isolfin CEO Marco Nori, who is an engaged supporter of relations between Switzerland and Indonesia.

Topics discussed included the import and export activities that tie the two countries ever more strongly since the enforcement of the commercial agreement voted in March 2021.



Ambassador Muliaman Hadad and Marco Nori (in the center)

Francis Wanandi

Andrea D’Elia

Dario Puccinelli

My Rachel



Mr. Francis Wanandi and Marco Nori


ISOLFIN Russia, two contracts signed

Rome, May 20, 2021 – ISOLFIN, a leading company in the services sector for the main petrochemicals, shipbuilding and energy groups, announces that its subsidiary ISOLFIN Russia LLC has recently signed two contracts for insulation services and mechanical activities of two energy plants in Russia.

The first contract provides the client Saipem, with painting and fireproof insulation activities in the Gazpromneft refinery in Moscow.
The second contract involves subcontracting activities for Saren B.V. at the Kaliningrad plants. The activities include the supervision, assembly and welding of structures of the Arctic LNG 2 Project which is developed in Siberia for the extraction of liquefied natural gas (LNG). Saren is a joint venture between Saipem S.p.A. and OOO Renaissance Heavy Industries for the Arctic LNG 2 project.

Founded in July 2020, ISOLFIN Russia aims to intercept the opportunities of the energy market in Russia with a responsive organization that is integrated into the country’s economic fabric. ISOLFIN Russia is a member of Confindustria Russia – the association of Italian industrialists in Russia – which represents the interests of Italian companies and develops relations between Italian and Russian institutions.

For information, contact the ISOLFIN press office: or tel. 347 2417300.


ISOLFIN celebrates 60 years of activity

ISOLFIN celebrates 60 years of activity. Founded in 1961 in Genoa by the entrepreneur Sergio Galli, ISOLFIN has been for 60 years, with its services in industrial scaffolding, thermal, acoustic and fireproofing insulation, sandblasting, painting, fireproofing, sanitation and facility management, a reference for large petrochemical, energy and naval groups around the world.


Since then, ISOLFIN has further expanded and, under the leadership of the current CEO Marco Nori, has become a 360° provider for all activities from design to construction and maintenance of an energy, petrochemical or shipbuilding plant. Today ISOLFIN operates in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Africa with offices in 10 countries, making it a global player.


ISOLFIN has 700 employees worldwide, and 59 USD million in turnover in Italy. Its clients include large global groups such as Fincantieri, EDF, Royal Caribbean, Carnival Cruise, Costa Cruises, Poste Italiane, Saras, Enipower, Enel, Chantiers de l’Atlantique, Total, Saudi Aramco, Saipem, Tecnimont, VARD, Exxon , EDF, NCOC, Eni, and many others.


ISOLFIN has undertaken a green migration and social sustainability policy and is a member of associations such as Cisambiente and Inclusive Capitalism to strengthen its commitment to protect the environment and the people involved in its activities.


The CEO of ISOLFIN, Marco Nori, declared: „ISOLFIN, turns 60 year-old, what a milestone!
Over these 60 years, ISOLFIN has marked the history of Italy. We are different from how we were born: from a national company we have become a global reference point with key offices all over the world, we have a complete and diversified range of services, and yet we have the same enthusiasm with which we were born, that passion for our work that makes us grow and learn every day.
A special thanks to the whole team that made ISOLFIN what it is today. These are the first 60 years, because the future that awaits us is long and full of satisfaction. ”


ISOLFIN 2021 will be marked by activities that will retrace the history of the company and the works it has signed in the past and in the present, up to the final event to be held in February 2022 at the Dubai Expo in the Italian pavilion.


For 60 years, ISOLFIN is where energy is


For information contact the ISOLFIN press office: press@isolfin.comor tel. +39 347 2417300.


ISOLFIN has acquired from Renco S.p.A. a subcontract agreement for the installation of piping and equipment for the Everdrup Process Plant gas compression station

Rome, April 22, 2021 – ISOLFIN, a leading company in the services sector for the main petrochemical, shipbuilding and energy groups, announces that it has acquired a subcontracting agreement from RENCO DENMARK FILIAL OF RENCO SPA ITALY for the installation of piping and equipment (“Piping and Equipment Installation and Erection Works”) of the Everdup Process Plant gas compression station, part of the Baltic Pipe project in Denmark.

The Baltic Pipe is a strategic infrastructural project that aims to create a new gas supply corridor in the European market. Operational in October 2022, the Baltic Pipe is 900km long for a total cost of 1.88 billion dollars: it connects the Norwegian gas transport system with Denmark and Poland via an underwater gas pipeline in the North Sea.

RENCO has been awarded the contract by the Danish company ENERGINET GAS TSO A / S relating to the turnkey construction of the aforementioned Compression Station.