ISOLFIN is an industrial holding company which operates in the services sector for the major global petrochemicals, shipbuilding and energy groups. It provides in a complete platform all EPC services (Engineering, Procurement, Construction) for Oil&Gas,
renewal energy, petrochemical and naval projects.

It operates in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Africa with offices in more than 10 countries and it is committed to guarantee the environmental and social sustainability of its activities.

Consolidating ISOLFIN as a complete EPC, a unique case in Europe, was achieved by building upon on solid foundation of 60 years of experience in insulation, scaffolding, and reclamation services. These were subsequently integrated with all the skills necessary to construct a complete platform by focusing on an M&A strategy comprising carefully selected companies. Currently, ISOLFIN can offer services as a complete EPC package as well as a supplier of individual, specialized, services.

Our vision, our pillars: energy transition, social sustainability and innovation