Marco Nori, ISOLFIN CEO, interviewed at Top Secret

“We are the only group at an international level to integrate, thanks to M&A operations, into a complete service platform all activities ranging from design to complete construction of an energy production apparatus and its future maintenance”

“You work in 14 countries around the world.”

“We are in Asia, we are in Africa, obviously in Europe. In these 20 years we have been chasing energy around the world.

We work for large international companies, which have requested our skills around the world. And, once we got there, we got along so well that we became local in foreign countries – we are Glocal. ”

Here is the video of the complete interview with Marco Nori, CEO of ISOLFIN, on the Top Secret broadcast ( last night. We talk about internationalization, integration of services in a 360 ° platform, we talk about #hydrogen and much more.



ISOLFIN renews the maintenance contract of the Eni biorefinery in Venice

We are proud to announce that we have renewed the multi-specialist maintenance contract with Eni (scaffolding, insulation, painting, passive fire protection, reclamation, etc.) of the Venice biorefinery, which we already carried out in past years and which is added to the industrial insulation works and preparation of the surfaces we continue to work on. This is one of several contracts we have throughout Italy with Eni, a decades-long partner for ISOLFIN.

Convincing new customers is crucial to growing a business, but maintaining the trust of historical customers is the pillar on which to grow.

For us at ISOLFIN, the Venice refinery is an emblematic place because it was the first example in the world of converting a traditional refinery into a biorefinery. Since 2014, approximately 230,000 tons of vegetable oils have been processed and converted here every year. From 2024, thanks to a further upgrade of the plant, the enhancement of the processing capacity is expected, with an increasing share of raw materials deriving from food production waste, such as waste oils, animal fats and other advanced by-products.

We believe that the existing industrial apparatus is crucial to overcome the challenge of the energy transition. This is why we insist on the concepts of reclamation, recycling and conversion, because clean and sustainable projects emerge through these processes, both for the environment and for the business of companies that deal with energy.

For information, contact the ISOLFIN® press office

The Costa Firenze has taken to the sea

Last month the Costa Firenze, the ship inspired by the Italian Renaissance, left the shipyards and set sail for the first time. It is a great pride for ISOLFIN, who delivered the insulation and painting of the ship.

The Costa Firenze is the fifth cruise ship of the Vista class and was built at the Marghera shipyard (Venice).
It is a ship that combines elegance, technology and environmental sustainability performances. From 2021 Costa Firenze will sail in the Mediterranean and then move to the East, since it was expressly designed for Costa Asia’s Chinese market.
Its style is inspired by the Florentine Renaissance and in the shared spaces you can relive the magical atmospheres of the iconic places of Florence, such as the ship’s atrium inspired by Piazza della Signoria. The colors, geometries and shapes of the interior design recall the architecture of the Florentine Renaissance, which can also be admired at the Palazzo Vecchio restaurant or the Medici restaurant.
In the photo the ISOLFIN team, including the site manager Carlo Breda, Gaetano Acampora and Marica Zappaterra.

ISOLFIN is Assigned the Italian Rating of Legality

ISOLFIN is among the 8000 Italian companies that have voluntarily submitted themselves to the verification of the Italian Antitrust Authority (AGCM) in agreement with the Ministries of the Interior and of Justice, to verify the level of principles of legality, transparency and social responsability. We are honored to be awarded the two stars which testify our economic, legal, social and environmental commitment.

What is the legality rating?
It is an indicator of compliance with high standards of legality.
The applicant company obtains the base score ★, if it complies with all the requirements referred to in Article 2 of the Implementing Regulation on Legality Rating. The maximum score is ★★★.
The legality rating allows companies to have competitive advantages:
· More business opportunities;
· Greater transparency and visibility on the market;

More information on the website of the Competition and Market Authority (AGCM)

ISOLFIN is member of the Council for Inclusive Capitalism

Rome, January 4th 2021 – ISOLFIN has joined the Council for Inclusive Capitalism, a movement which is engaging leaders across business, government and civil society to make capitalism more equitable, sustainable, and inclusive.

Capitalism has lifted billions of people out of poverty, but many in society have been left behind and the planet has paid a price. There is a moral imperative to address this challenge, and we are taking action.

Members such as ISOLFIN have a mission to inclusive capitalism, through grants, environmental sustainability commitments and gender equality. The guiding role of this process is exercised directly by our CEO Marco Nori, appointed Steward by the Council, a commitment to take actions that improve the lives of people and the planet.

For more information:

ISOLFIN on La Repubblica

The Italian newspaper Repubblica publishes a profile of ISOLFIN: from its birth in 1961, through the difficult years of the company’s re-foundation and the bet to transform itself into an integrated technological platform, with the acquisition of other companies to complete the offer.

The market understood this strategy and rewarded us with credibility and growth. For ISOLFIN’s loyal customers and for future ones, we continue to innovate to remain a reference for large energy and naval groups.

The article (in Italian)

ISOLFIN complete anticorrosive treatment for the ALEN

Saipem CASTORONE safely completed the laying operations for the ALEN Gas Export line offshore Equatorial Guinea. Once again, SAIPEM demonstrated its capacity to deliver despite the challenges of COVID-19 environment.

For this project ISOLFIN delivered the anticorrosive treatment of the ALEN at the Saipem yard in Arbatax, Sardinia. We are proud to be part of a great achievement.


ISOLFIN signs CEO 2030 letter

ISOLFIN is among the 200 companies, business leaders and European institutions that have signed the “CEO 2030 letter” addressed to the European Union to increase the emission reduction targets and the incentives to achieve climate neutrality by 2050.

A full copy of the letter can be downloaded form the Corporate Leaders Groups website.

ISOLFIN Russia SRL is a member of  Confindustria Russia

ISOLFIN Russia SRL is a member of  Confindustria Russia  – the association of Italian industrialists working in Russia.

Confindustria Russia represents the interests of Italian companies, develops relations between Italian and Russian institutions, as well provides daily updates and information useful to those companies operating in Russia.

Confindustria Russia website:

Two LNG industrial giants have been completed and are leaving for the USA

There is also ISOLFIN input in the two giants completed by Baker Hughes Nuovo Pignone which are about to be delivered to the USA for the treatment of liquefied natural gas.
They are as tall as a thirty-story building but designed to be modular and thus more easily transportable. These are the new solutions for exporting Italian technology to the world.
Article in Italian here: