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1961-2021 — 60 YEARS OF ISOLFIN. Work That Has Marked History. The 2020s. Fecamp and Saint-Nazaire Wind Farms in France 

The work takes place in the Piomboni shipyard in Ravenna, Italy, and focuses on the construction of the “jacket” type foundation of the Fécamp offshore wind station. 

Once the wind farms are complete and fully operational, the park will consist of 71 turbines installed between 13 and 22 kilometres from the continent.

Other work concerning the anticorrosive preparation for the foundation intended for the Saint-Nazaire wind farm will be composed of 80 turbines located 12 km from the coast. These will be fully operational by 2022, therefore, making it the largest offshore wind farm in the world.

Although they already operate in the Saint-Nazaire shipyard, this is a new project for ISOLFIN in the renewable energy sector. Continuing the policies in the energy transition of its activities and its services which are focused on sustainability while also including the rehabilitation of polluting production sites.

Download the ISOLFIN 60 Years Anniversary brochure
1961-2021 - 60 YEARS OF ISOLFIN. Works that have marked history. 2010s. MOSE, the dam of Venice

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