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ISOLFIN announces the completion of the first milestone of the Brăila bridge, Romania

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ISOLFIN announces the completion of the first milestone of the Brăila bridge, Romania

 Rome/ Brăila, 02 February 2022 – ISOLFIN, a leading company in the services sector for the main groups of petrochemicals, construction and EPC projects, announces that the Brăila yard, where it operates in support of Fincantieri, has completed the prefabrication of 86 blocks of the Brăila bridge, the first milestone of the construction of this strategic European infrastructural project in Romania.

The yard is located in Romania, where a joint venture is working to complete a highly complex project that will significantly improve the mobility of the area, allowing the 7,000 vehicles that cross the Danube by ferry every day to cross the river in a few minutes against the current 45.

The goal of prefabrication of the 86 blocks was achieved without LTI (lost time injury) and with the highest standards of quality, safety and respect for project deadlines.

Isolfin thanks Fincantieri Infrastructure, Astaldi, IHI, the local authorities of the city of Brăila and its suppliers for their support and partnership during the execution of the project. In particular, Isolfin thanks its team who mobilized during COVID19 and who managed to achieve the client’s objectives with resilience and professionalism despite the obstacles of the health emergency.

Brăila Bridge is one of the longest suspension bridges in Europe with 1,975 meters in length, with a main span of 1,120 meters. The project also includes the construction of three viaducts to access the bridge, between 90 and 220 meters long as well as a new 21 km long connecting road network.

ISOLFIN will continue to support the project for the assembly phase with more than 40 people involved throughout 2022.

For information contact the ISOLFIN press office: .

ISOLFIN SPA, Via Vittorio Veneto 74, 00187 Rome, Italy

From right, Marco Nori, ISOLFIN CEO; Center, Cristian Bortolotti, ISOLFIN COO; at his right Laura Lavro, Office Manager at ISOLFIN Marine Services S.R.L



ISOLFIN is a leading company in the services sector for the main global groups of petrochemicals, shipbuilding and energy and provides in a complete platform all activities ranging from design to construction and maintenance of plants in the Oil & Gas market, alternative and renewable energies, petrochemical, naval and EPC services (Engineering , Procurement , Construction / Fabrication). It operates in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Africa with offices in more than 10 countries, committing itself to guaranteeing the environmental and social sustainability of its activities.



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