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ISOLFIN renews the maintenance contract of the Eni biorefinery in Venice

We are proud to announce that we have renewed the multi-specialist maintenance contract with Eni (scaffolding, insulation, painting, passive fire protection, reclamation, etc.) of the Venice biorefinery, which we already carried out in past years and which is added to the industrial insulation works and preparation of the surfaces we continue to work on. This is one of several contracts we have throughout Italy with Eni, a decades-long partner for ISOLFIN.

Convincing new customers is crucial to growing a business, but maintaining the trust of historical customers is the pillar on which to grow.

For us at ISOLFIN, the Venice refinery is an emblematic place because it was the first example in the world of converting a traditional refinery into a biorefinery. Since 2014, approximately 230,000 tons of vegetable oils have been processed and converted here every year. From 2024, thanks to a further upgrade of the plant, the enhancement of the processing capacity is expected, with an increasing share of raw materials deriving from food production waste, such as waste oils, animal fats and other advanced by-products.

We believe that the existing industrial apparatus is crucial to overcome the challenge of the energy transition. This is why we insist on the concepts of reclamation, recycling and conversion, because clean and sustainable projects emerge through these processes, both for the environment and for the business of companies that deal with energy.

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