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ISOLFIN brings hydrogen to its yards together with H2-Industries

Rome, 10 February 2021 – ISOLFIN, a leading Italian company providing services for the petrochemical, shipbuilding, and energy groups worldwide, announced a collaboration agreement with H2-Industries, a German-American company specializing in sustainable extraction and storage solutions of hydrogen.


ISOLFIN will utilize H2-Industries innovative technology to serve its clients in its Italian and worldwide yards and will develop the construction of hydrogen storage and utilization systems.


H2-Industries’ technology allows to produce hydrogen with any renewable source of electricity, organic waste and non-recyclable plastic, and to store it in an oil-like liquid organic hydrogen carrier (LOHC).


There are multiple advantages to this technology. LOHC is safe and environmentally friendly, has almost unlimited storage capacity, and is rechargeable. It can be stored or transported at ambient temperature and pressure whereas, traditionally, hydrogen is extremely reactive, highly flammable, and explosive requiring being sealed under high pressure or at low temperatures (a leak can ignite an explosion, as it happened at a hydrogen filling station for cars in Sandvika, Norway, in 2019). Furthermore, LOHC has a high storage yield: 1 m3 can store 57 kg of hydrogen. H2-Industries technology also allows the recycling of plastic and organic waste by converting it into hydrogen stored in LOHC, with CO2 as the only emission being captured, a process with no environmental impact.


ISOLFIN CEO Marco Nori commented: “This agreement is of great importance for us. For years ISOLFIN has been engaged in the development of hydrogen. Our customers, our partners, and our clients know now that working with ISOLFIN, hydrogen is a solution immediately available; it is efficient and environmentally sustainable. The latter is a key factor because we are strongly committed to a green migration policy.”


H2-Industries Executive Chairman, CEO and founder Michael Stusch commented: “We are very happy. The agreement with ISOLFIN allows our technology to get implemented in many applications immediately and to be used without delays. The environment cannot afford any delays. we need to establish green hydrogen production over solar and wind as well as from non-recyclable plastic and any other organic waste as soon as possible. Our LOHC storage technology will make hydrogen save, transportable and longtime storable and all of this with low costs.”



ISOLFIN® is an industrial holding company operating in the petrochemical, energy, and naval sector. Founded in Genoa, Italy in 1961, it is a reference for the largest Italian and international groups. It provides 360° management with engineering design, logistics, and plant construction services on its yards in Italy and around the world. The core business is insulation, asbestos removal, sanitization, access management, sandblasting, painting, anticorrosive treatments, mechanical installation, and facility management.


About H2-Industries

H2-Industries develops innovative, effective and environmentally friendly hydrogen production and LOHC energy storage solutions. The company was founded in 2010 by entrepreneur Dipl.-Ing. Michael Stusch and is headquartered in New York. Research, development and production are located in Hamburg.

The products from H2-Industries make it possible to produce hydrogen with any (renewable) source of electricity and any organic waste like non-recyclable plastic. The hydrogen can be used directly or can be stored chemically at ambient pressure and temperature in the oil-like liquid organic hydrogen carrier (LOHC) safely and cost effective. LOHC-bound hydrogen can be easily transported and released again when needed. LOHC technology makes it possible for the first time to store large amounts (up to several terawatt hours) of electricity safely and cheaply. This allows H2-Industries to make renewable energy available everywhere, 24/7.

The aim of H2-Industries is to industrialize the LOHC and Organic Waste to Hydrogen Technology, thus establishing hydrogen as a safe source of energy for the future.


For information, contact the ISOLFIN press office: or +39 347 2417300.

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