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ISOLFIN hosts the delegation of the Indonesian embassy in Switzerland

Last Saturday 4 September 2021, the delegation of the Indonesian Embassy in Bern, represented by Ambassador Muliaman Hadad and his wife, Mrs. Mia Rachel, Mr. Desrial Anwar from the Department of Economics and Mr. Francis Wanandi, Director of the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce for Switzerland, visited the headquarters of Isolfin Holding SA, in Via Curti 19 in Lugano, and Isolfin CEO Marco Nori, who is an engaged supporter of relations between Switzerland and Indonesia.

Topics discussed included the import and export activities that tie the two countries ever more strongly since the enforcement of the commercial agreement voted in March 2021.



Ambassador Muliaman Hadad and Marco Nori (in the center)

Francis Wanandi

Andrea D’Elia

Dario Puccinelli

My Rachel



Mr. Francis Wanandi and Marco Nori


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