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ISOLFIN has acquired from Renco S.p.A. a subcontract agreement for the installation of piping and equipment for the Everdrup Process Plant gas compression station

Rome, April 22, 2021 – ISOLFIN, a leading company in the services sector for the main petrochemical, shipbuilding and energy groups, announces that it has acquired a subcontracting agreement from RENCO DENMARK FILIAL OF RENCO SPA ITALY for the installation of piping and equipment (“Piping and Equipment Installation and Erection Works”) of the Everdup Process Plant gas compression station, part of the Baltic Pipe project in Denmark.

The Baltic Pipe is a strategic infrastructural project that aims to create a new gas supply corridor in the European market. Operational in October 2022, the Baltic Pipe is 900km long for a total cost of 1.88 billion dollars: it connects the Norwegian gas transport system with Denmark and Poland via an underwater gas pipeline in the North Sea.

RENCO has been awarded the contract by the Danish company ENERGINET GAS TSO A / S relating to the turnkey construction of the aforementioned Compression Station.

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